Glossy and matt glazes

With glossy or matt finishes, glazes can be considered a feature of artistic ceramic tiles, conserving all the unique character of handmade creations. The surface on which the glazes are applied can be handcrafted cotto (the traditional support), and in this case the glazed texture is more rugged and irregular. The glazes can also be applied on white clay, permitting the production of smoother surfaces with a more regular, refined effect. The color range of the glazed items evolves continuously, and represents the result of chromatic research combined with the characteristics of the material. 

Images correspond to supports with white clay, not rustic.


  • B001 Milk White

  • B002 Night Black

  • B003 Pale Pink

  • B004 Stone Grey 02

  • B005 Stone Grey 01

  • B006 Stone Grey 00

  • B007 Reseda Green 02

  • B008 Reseda Green 01

  • B009 Reseda Green 00

  • B010 Silvery Blue 02

  • B011 Silvery Blue 01

  • B012 Silvery Blue 00

  • B013 Powder Brown 02

  • B014 Powder Brown 01

  • B015 Powder Brown 00

  • B016 Creamy Beige 02

  • B017 Creamy Beige 01

  • B018 Creamy Beige 00


  • A001 Snow

  • A002 Liquirizia

  • A003 Cherry

  • A004 Plummet

  • A005 Forest

  • A006 Avocado

  • A007 Mint

  • A008 Miele

  • A009 Mustard

  • A010 Saffron

  • A011 Candy

  • A012 Peach

  • A013 Ribes

  • A014 Amaranto



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