Starting from the earth to explore new territories, cotto has been reformulated and reinterpreted by a multitude of creative talents. Fornace Brioni establishes ties with various designers to bring new expressions to an ancient material.  

The Socialite Family

The PARIS-MILANO collection stems from the collaboration between Cristina Celestino and The Socialite Family, for the creation of ceramic works steeped in imagery shared by France and Italy. The inspiration comes from the attempt to combine classic details from Italian and French architecture in everyday useful objects.  

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Forite  tile collection

Studio Plastique e Snøhetta

Forite is a collaborative research project conducted by Studio Plastique and Snøhetta, with the aim of exploring potential applications for recycled glass. Working with prototypes and variations, a process has been developed for the recycling of glass components from discarded electronic devices, leading to a product that takes advantage of the variable quality of the material. 

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Ferm Living

Danish design meets Italian workmanship in the collaboration between Ferm Living and Fornace Brioni. The interchange stems from the desire to mix cultures and to leave crossover traces between Italy and Denmark. 

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Clé Tile

Casale Rustico

As an exclusive, Fornace Brioni has created a tile in traditional and glazed terracotta for Cle Tile, underscoring the crafted workmanship of the material. Casale Rustico has a block made with hand-cut Italian terracotta, covered with a glossy white glaze with a lightly rippled surface.

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Fornace Brioni has always provided unique bespoke solutions.
Every product is available in a wide range of colors, textures, and shades, offering versatile creative inspirations. 
Contact us for all your project needs: we’ll make an appointment to provide you with all the assistance you may require. 

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