Cotto variegato

Variegated cotto has a complex, sophisticated history. From the 16th century to the 18th, it was one of the preferred materials for the floors of churches and historic mansions in the Po Valley area. The particular marbled surface is based on skilled craftsmanship: clays of different types are mixed, first individually and then together, to create a layered visual effect of constant variation. During the firing the various clays take on greater chromatic intensity, generating a vivid marbled effect that resembles certain ornamental stones. 


  • Variegato 00 (Moka+Rosato+Bianco)

  • Variegato 01 (Rosato+Bianco+Grigio)

  • Variegato 02 (Rosato+Paglierino+Moka)

  • Variegato 03 (Rosato+Paglierino+Grigio)

  • Variegato 04 (Rosso+Paglierino)

  • Variegato 05 (Rosato+Bianco)

  • Variegato 06 (Paglierino+Rosso)

  • Variegato 07 (Rosato+Paglierino)

  • Variegato 08 (Bianco+Grigio)

  • Variegato 09 (Grigio+Bianco)


  • Ebru 00 (Rosato + Bianco + Verde)

  • Ebru 01 (Rosato + Bianco + Rosso)

  • Ebru !"Base Bianco+ Rosato + rosso

    Ebru 03 (Bianco + Rosato + Rosso)

  • Ebru 02 (Bianco + Rosato + Verde)



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